Messaging affects our decisions about everything we experience.

Packaged consumer goods products and services attempt to communicate how we will feel when consumption occurs.  Consumers positive acceptance of observed messaging is directly tied to what marketers know about us individually and our likeminded groups.

Apis Group, LLC is a messaging and product development firm whose business is to help our customers increase sales and market share by understanding what their products are; and who their target audience is.

We work with industry and academia.  Our website outlines the following:

Mind Genomics Tab - Effective Messaging Development

Describes how consumer specific advertisement is created by understanding how target audiences think.

Shaka Batch Retort Technology

Describes research and development activities with Allpax Products and the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, LSU AgCenter.


Links to articles written by John King.


Describes Apis Group, LLC and associates.


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John King
President, Apis Group, LLC